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Disclaimer Agreement

  1. The intent of this platform is to foster an environment of learnings and foster a sense of community, however the views expressed on this platform are for entertainment purpose only and should not be considered as a substitute for any professional educational or medical guidance.

  2. The content expressed on blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, interviews are all copyrighted to the sources as listed. Every attempt has been made to give appropriate credit to the sources listed. If any information is found incorrect kindly email us. The email id is available in the contacts section. Most of the photos and imagery are purchased and some have been downloaded from free internet sources and hence considered public domain.

Advertising Disclosure

The owners of this website reserve the right to use paid advertising, or other content sponsorship. Further, posts on this platform may contain affiliate links and there might also be paid topic insertions. Any content, advertising space, or sponsored posts will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

Guidelines for content contributors

  1. All views expressed should be related to the theme of the platform. The purpose of is to focus on topics related to scriptures, Yoga and topics related to learnings from Indian heritage. We would request the speakers and contributors to agree on the themes with the founders of the platform

  2. The owners of the platform reserve the rights to edit any content to ensure that no political or any incendiary remarks make up the contents

  3. The platform owners further reserve the rights on the contents produced and will retain the rights to translate the content to English language and further create audio / video / printed contents based on the contributions.


The platform owners will further reserve the rights to enhance the content with logos of and appropriately enhance the content with appropriate audio and visual backgrounds

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