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The accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by different persons in different times constitute the sacred Hindu Scriptures. Collectively referred to as the Shastras, there are two types of sacred scriptures - Srutis (what is heard) and Smritis (what is remembered).


The Srutis are like the roots, the Smritis, Itihasas, and Puranas represent the trunk, the Agamas, and the Darsanas the branches, and the Subhashitas, Kavyas, Natakas, and Alankaras are the flowers of the tree of India’s Culture.


Our Scriptures thus comprise of the entirety of Sanskrit literature - Sacred and Secular.  There are six sacred Scriptures called the 

  1. Srutis

  2. Smritis

  3. Itihasas

  4. Puranas 

  5. Agamas

  6. Darsanas

The four Secular Scriptures called the

  1. Subhashitas

  2. Kavyas

  3. Natakas

  4. Alankaras


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