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Oh, the places you will go – as Dr. Seuss will tell you, but why does one travel? 


Be it the shade of a tree, the banks of a flowing river, the stillness of lakes, or the majesty of oceans and mountains, places can evoke emotions and take us deep within us where we are more relaxed and aligned to our true selves. The impact of a place on any individual is unique and personal. 


Traveling is an instrument for one to experience from outside in. However, when the place becomes a part of you then you can travel inwards more often to reach and recharge. You know you are in bliss when the place reaches out to you, and it evokes those memories and empowers you wherever you. 


We all know the stories of sages and spiritual folks going up into the mountains  to meditate, the story of Buddha meditating under the Bodhi tree, or the peace and quiet we all seek when we get on a quick road trip to the woods, the beach or to a wilderness camp. What does it mean when we tell ourselves, “I need a break and I need to travel to recharge my battery”? Be it the spiritual seeker, the seekers of gold or wealth, the seekers of pleasure of the senses, or just a lonesome traveler hopping from place to place, the journey is always in the pursuit of something. The ability to connect the purpose of the external travel to a much deeper quest within us is where the magic happens. 


In Buddha’s case he had a much longer and profound journey within him, but it was the short journey to the tree and its shade which perhaps was the catalyst or enabler of his much longer  vision defining journey within himself. 


It is with this understanding that one needs to be on a constant journey, to the places to experience the outside world, to find our own bodhi tree and most importantly start the journey within. 


Have you found your Bodhi tree yet? Are you there yet?

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